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Biblio-Notes is published twice a year by the Literatures in English Section. The newsletter includes articles and features of interest to librarians who work with literatures in English. PDF files of the issues are available in the archives below. Submissions and ideas for articles should be sent to Brian Flota or Ashley Ireland, the current editors of Biblio-Notes.

















  • Biblio-Notes 38 Fall 2001 
  • Biblio-Notes 37 Spring 2001


  • Biblio-Notes 36 Fall 2000
  • Biblio-Notes 35 Spring 2000


  • Biblio-Notes 34 Fall 1999
  • Biblio-Notes 33 Spring 1999



  • Biblio-Notes 30 Fall 1997
  • Biblio-Notes 29 Spring 1997














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